Please read ALL OF THIS POST to the end and take the time to digest it before you go to the ballot link – apologies for the length but it is all relevant. And there are some variations to the way we usually do this because of (you guessed it) … COVID.

Some initial things to note:

  • Only students enrolled/enrolling in MEDIA 3 or MEDIA 5 in Sem 1 2021 should fill in the ballot.
  • This ballot is not a guaranteed *selection* but an indication of preference – depending on what is popular you may not get your first, second or third choice of studio. Don’t sweat it – all of the studios are great and missing out on a particular one this semester won’t ruin your degree experience or CV.
  • We reserve the right to not allocate students to studios led by staff who have already taught them in more than one studio before.
  • Please ensure you select a different studio for each of your three preferences. If you select the same studio more than once you may be placed in a different studio at the Studio Coordinator’s discretion.

Here’s the important COVID variation to the way studios will run in the first half of 2021:

  • Most studios (12 out of 17) will run in a HYBRID teaching mode of online and fortnightly face-to-face classes (based on the current COVID situation).
    You should not preference any of these studios if you will not be in Melbourne in semester 1 or do not want to attend campus.
  • Other studios (5 out of 17) will run as ONLINE ONLY classes only. These are for students who are unable or unwilling to attend the Melbourne campus in semester one (and they will receive priority in terms of being allocated to these).
  • If you are a Melbourne-based student who doesn’t necessarily mind whether you are in a studio with some face-to-face classes or a completely online one then you may preference any of the 17 studios.

Accordingly, there are two separate Media Studios descriptions books you can download here:

The ballot will close 11.59pm on TUESDAY 26 JANUARY. Any entries after this time and date won’t count for the allocation process. 

Allocations will be finalised and posted here on this website on THURSDAY 28 JANUARY at 5pm. We will send an email to let you know when the post is up.

Allocations will also include your studio class times.

Timetable preferencing opens for you other courses on FRIDAY 29th JANUARY.
Do not try to select your studio in timetable preferencing –  the media studio ballot process happens outside of and is separate to this.

Your studio class times will automatically be entered for you in your timetable. You are not permitted/able to change these in myTimetable. 

Don’t preference tutorial times for your other courses (context and electives) that take place at the same times as your studio. Remember that all lectures in first semester are online and recorded so those kinds of clashes shouldn’t be an issue. 

Any questions about particular studios should be sent in the first instance to Studio Co-Coordinators (please address to both):

Paul Ritchard,
Brian Morris,


You must submit your response from/while logged in to YOUR RMIT email account:

Thanks for reading to the (almost) end!

>>>THIS IS THE LINK TO THE BALLOT FORM where you should enter your preferences.

Brian & Paul

Studio Co-Coordinators