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The Racial diversity game — Color

Color is a simulation mobile game which aimed to increase the awareness of university student about racial diversity. In this game, players are going to roleplay the university life of the chosen character and experience several racist events happening in school. Throughout the game, players are told to make several decisions based on the situation displayed and regarding to each decision, there will be a consequence after that.
Since every choice is important, each decision you make will affect how the ending you end up with, therefore, in this game, players are aiming to achieve the best ending that they could get in the game.
Through experiencing university life in three different perspectives and seeing the after-effects that were caused by being a bystander of a racist event in the game. Players are going to reflect on their behaviour and mistakes made during the game, hence understand the Severity of racism.


rmitmediastudent • December 19, 2020

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