Media Studio 2020


Introducing the new VR Game, WORLDSPACE. Connect with friends and family anywhere in the world with virtual reality.

Using state of the art Satellite technology and 3D world building you can now travel the globe and experience all of natures beauty, even if you are sequestered to a tiny city apartment.

Meet friends in scenic locations; pack a table top board game to relax and pass time when you meet. Chill out and watch movie’s with loved ones in your very own customised virtual bedroom. Travel around in third or first person to interact and learn about animals, nature and geography– and rediscover the beauty of our planet!

Check out our mind map —-> https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_ley3Fn8=/

By Joyce Wong and Isabella Esposito

rmitmediastudent • December 15, 2020

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