what is creative commons?

According to ‘creativecommons.org.nz’, Creative Commons is about showing people how you will allow them to re-use your work.

Creative Commons licences enable you to do this through various license elements that detail the kinds of permission they have to use your work.

They allow content you have created to be edited, copied, remixed, distributed and built upon all within copyright laws.

By using a Creative Commons licence, you avoid having to grant permission for use of your content repeatedly and circumvent big C, all rights reserved copyright laws in a legal manner.

This image was taken from Creative Commons and details 4 license elements you can apply for in a Creative Commons licence as well as the 6 combinations that make up their different licences.


In opening up permission for other to use your work, there is a chance for you to collaborate with people all over the world on your ideas and content. This fits very well into the growing remix, participatory culture we live in and can potentially create all sorts of opportunities in a fast, efficient and legal way.

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