a McLuhanism…..

“The nature of people demands that most of them be engaged in the most frivolous possible activities—like making money.” – Marshall McLuhan


Someone one told me that you generally stay in a job for one of three reasons: the people, thee money or because you simply love the job.

McLuhan seems to suggest that money is the silliest reason for doing anything, and yet it is a commodity we need to survive.

Personally, I stay for the people and the relationships i have formed with them all. They are some of my closest friends.

Though money here is no longer the strongest incentive, it was the reason I first applied and the reason I continue to return do frequently.

At times making money does seem like a frivolous activity for it brings about no real joy or end result other than increasing the numbers in my bank account. Nonetheless, when I think about what I can do with that money… it doesn’t seem to frivolous, though money is not the focus, great memories can be made with its help such as a wonderful night out with the fabulous people I work with, a holiday or even just buying food for someone else who doesn’t have any.

Making money may feel like a frivolous activity but having the money provides us with an instrument that combats that frivolity.


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