Women in Media seminar - Week 4

Women in Media seminar – Week 4

Update for the seminar preparations for the Women in Media. Our group has collectively come up with the name ‘Joan of Arts, heroines of the media industry’ to fit under the broader seminar theme of ‘Epic Journey’. An excellent pun is something that should be appreciated and I set to work making a draft of a poster immediately. Here is what I started with below.

Jeanne d'Arc

It seems to be a raphelite era painting of Jeanne de Arc with extremely rich colours and bold lines. I took this painting and with a little digital magic created this:

Jeanne d'ArcI love her expression in this painting. It looks to me like a wry smile. Perhaps the artist want to show her as having some inkling of the horrors in her future that she none the less took on regardless. Maybe some of her stoicism can rub off on some of the women who attend our seminar and let us hope that they may be spared her medieval fate. I do not expect this poster to be circulated as publicity material but it was an interesting way of exploring a thought process of the historical nature of suffrage.