Project Four Report

Final Probe: Our group plans to explore how review-parody works as a genre through parodying the kind of content you might find on online video review channels (on platforms such as YouTube) as well as on online sketch-comedy channels, since this is the broader genre our hybrid form will be drawing from (our new genre is a hybrid of comedy, review and parody style videos).

For our prototype, we asked ourselves what would happen to the narrative structure of this new video form when placed into a series of videos, and how the format of a channel could work as the next step in showing the narrative structure and hybrid form of our genre. In this sense, the channel became a way of playing out this idea, and so we attempted to replicate the kind of layout comedy channels and review channels have on YouTube in order to understand how to format our own as a parody on online video review. Despite being a tool to experiment with and understand the structure of our hybrid form more extensively, it’s important to realise that the YouTube channel was not our focus here, it was simply a part of understanding the overall narrative structure of the hybrid.

Link to prototype (YouTube channel):

Link to report g doc:

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