Initial project 4 plans

For project four, we are thinking we could perhaps establish a YouTube channel (for example) as a prototype, which would be focussed around something such as an online video review series. This would allow us to be both experimental and broaden the scope of the task. It would answer our probe by using parody, as we would review real life as a continuation from project three, and the new idea of reviewing real life events/things/etc. (an idea brought up by the panel) would point out things about the style and form of the genre as we’d be forced to adapt the form to unconventional topics for an online video review.

This would also create a hybrid video form, as we’d be mixing online video review with anecdotal material, creating a new form of video. The channel would be centered around a making-of format, where we experiment with the different elements of the genre to create our final concept for the show, and working towards creating a final piece (an episode from the show or snippet from the finalised format for the show).

We could also work with interactivity and across platforms such as Facebook, just as many successful online creators would do to cross reference their work and promote their content as a way to explore this aspect of form.

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