/ Prepare your tissues /

So after seeing a friend share this video on her Facebook profile I decided I would have a watch… and it was pretty worth it!

It is about a young, to be wedded couple, who go through a life-changing make-over through the ages that they will in the future become (ages 50-90).

The couple get to see each other through these ages together commenting on how they are feeling about what they see and what they think about themselves. Christie mentions that “it’s a really affecting thing to see someone you’ve known since you were 19, in their 70’s and imagine what life would be like then” which for me is important to hear as it shows just how much love these two share for each other and the fact that they still would want to be together at this age.

The idea of togetherness brings many people watching to tears as it shows just how powerful and strong love truly is and that the way a person looks is all to do with the journey they have been on. Christie also mentions that there is a “strange comforting feeling seeing him this way” (THE FEELS !!!)

Something that really stuck with me was the statement Christie makes towards the end of the video; “being about to get married.. I couldn’t be more sure that this is what I want.” #goals

Have a watch and see for yourself just how beautiful this video really is 🙂