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‘ The Remix and the Glitch’

Notes I took during the class:

  • The remix & the glitch – breaking things to get at the art
  • There is no such thing as an original idea
  • Remix in pre-digital era was done by the ‘DJ’
  • There were artists that released music specifically for clubs
  • Mash-ups can promote other music.
  • Culture builds on the past and the past always tries to control future

Rip! A remix manifesto – 4:40 -12:15

– Biggie Small – The Notorious B.I.G. –

– Jackson 5 – I want you back

– Lil’ Kim –


– B.O.B – nothing on you

– U2

– Get Low (Lil Jon)


When thinking about the idea of remixing, I think it is important to consider the fact that these remixes have been created by taking old material and creating something completely new with potentially a different purpose. Does this then make it a breach of copyright if it is just taken to create something new and different?

I believe it is so impossible to not copy anything.. and in my opinion copyright is sometimes a joke. You cannot expect every single human on this earth to come up with something completely new that is not related to anything else.. that’s a ridiculous idea.

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