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So far I have been working away at discovering the formulas for television advertisements. I will be completing two case studies in which will show a depth of analysis into the ways in which advertisers attempt to sell individuals a product/idea.

I have decided that I will be comparing two breakfast cereal advertisements, which are targeted towards parents of today’s society. I have not yet chosen which advertisements, however I want them to be similar so that it makes the study more reliable.

I have quite enjoyed this project so far as I am learning more and more about being aware of my surroundings and enabling myself to become aware of the deconstruction process behind media texts.

Feedback from peers has been good in terms of what my group is planning to discuss and analyse. I hope it comes together well 🙂

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My name is Samantha Beniac-Brooks but I prefer Sammy. I'm studying BComm Media and am interested in becoming in a Media Presenter. I love theatre, music, celebrities and anything to do with the media. This is my blog for RMIT Media 1.
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