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So pretty much today was eventful. I was unable to make the tutorial due to personal reasons and my Project 3 was due this morning. The audio quality when crazy on me which I’m very sad about. I’ve had to keep uploading it and trying to get it working but it ain’t working in my favour #sad.

So in Media news today I have just finished watching the first episode of season 3 Orphan Black (one of the greatest shows of all time). For those of you who have no clue what OB is all about, basically this actor named Tatiana Maslany plays about 7 different characters who are all clones (Urban Dictionary defines it as “a BBC America TV show about clones finding their origin and learning about their past and how their loved ones react and which loved ones are a “spy” or “monitor” to watch these clones”). Dad gave me an article the other morning about the show, which discusses the great acting by Ms. Maslany herself who is able to portray these 7 characters with the inclusion of different mannerisms (even though she looks the same).  As this article states: “the show broods on the nature-nuture debate in human biology and cleverly extends the same question to matters of genre – what does a woman look like when you grow her in a petri dish of Desperate Housewives vs. a horror film set?” It is the same woman, yet with many different stock character traits. AMAZING ACTING I SAY and I believe it is definitely the way forward for unique television programming.

Below is the trailer for Season 1.

Check it out!



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