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I have created a self portrait which I believe shows my love of travel, singing, sport and celebrities.

I have also included some inspirational text that I have written myself, reflecting perhaps the fact that people always tell me that they live “vicariously through me”. I sort of love this concept as I have many idols myself, and the fact that others perhaps ‘admire’ me, makes me feel incredibly proud of myself at this point in my life.

Sound is one of my favourite elements in film and I have chosen to use sounds that I think show what I love – including singing. Obviously I had to be careful of copyright laws so I decided to record myself doing some humming random notes in the shower (a place where I sing all the time). I have also recorded crowds as I love the idea of fame as well as also being outside, experiencing nightlife but I love meeting others.

The portrait begins with an image of an aircraft landing as if to say that I am landing in order to tell people a little about myself. However over the top of the portrait is an element of metaphoric in terms of the plane being used as a symbol of inspiration (a way of getting in and out of situations). This highlights my love of travel as well as highlighting the fact that I do follow inspirational quotes in order to make the most of all of my experiences. Throughout the film, there are parts where I talk about “hitting turbulence” again reiterating the idea of aircraft and travel. The film ends with an aeroplane taking off which I believe represents my life and the fact that it is only just starting and taking off into full flight.

I have also included images and video that reflect me as a person. For example I am often seen throwing pieces of paper into bins because I love sport and always want to be doing something other than sitting still.

I have experimented with the time lapse app on my iPad. I used it to time lapse a clock ticking to show that life for me goes by quite quickly, so I try and make the most of it.

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My name is Samantha Beniac-Brooks but I prefer Sammy. I'm studying BComm Media and am interested in becoming in a Media Presenter. I love theatre, music, celebrities and anything to do with the media. This is my blog for RMIT Media 1.
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