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wk2  Media is not a ‘thing’ out there [but rather a place we inhabit]

In this lecture, we were required to get into small groups and head outside into ‘the real world’ and investigate media use all around us. The purpose of this activity was to make us more aware of media and its use within today’s society – something that in my opinion is often overlooked. I found this activity incredibly insightful as it allowed me to become more aware of my surroundings and become aware of the way people interact with ‘the media’ within their every day lives. For example there were advertisements on Melbourne Central for the film ‘Focus’ featuring Margot Robbie and Will Smith but on the other hand there were brochures in the state library advertising up and coming exhibitions. There was a great amount of technology use (mainly dominated by Apple products like iPhones, iPads and Macbooks).

  • “The media are no so much ‘things’ as places which most of us inhabit, which weave in and out of our lives. Their constant messages and pleasures seem to flow around and through us, and they immerse most of our waking lives”.                   Branston and Stafford 2010, The Media Student’s book, 5th, NY: Rout Ledge.

Pre-modern vs. Modern society (also a question of authenticity – debates about mediated vs. unmediated communication)

Pre-modern Society

Social world predominately experienced through:

– Face to fact interactions

– Direct experiences

Modern Society

Predominately through media/texts

– maps, books, newspapers…

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