film tv 2 reflection 3 question 1

The first decision I made when coming to this task was to let the sound dictate the images and not the other way around. I wanted from the beginning to abstract the images to a point where they represent the recorded sounds which are completely unrelated. The first sound I was instantly drawn to was the electronic sounds of the photocopier and lift. This informed how I would treat all of the images I had, which were quite limited and dull (several shots of a water fountain from different angles). Due to the limitations of number of shots I had to work with, duration of shots and variation (there wasn’t much at all) I knew I had to think outside the box with visual effects (particularly use of colour grading) and go a bit wild with the editing in order to make my abstract piece engaging. I wanted to capture the ‘electronic’ quality of the sound in my images and did this in the first section by desaturating, using extremely fast cuts in a strobe-like effect and using mirrors on all of the shots. From there, my natural progression was to treat the piece similar to a music video and finding a creative commons dubstep track was the next point of call. After finding a suitable track, along with sourcing some other sounds in my peers exercises (as I was away the day we did the sound recording) the piece practically created itself. I love abstract editing tasks because it allows me to experiment with editing and in particular colour, which is what I tried to do extensively in my 1 minute film.

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