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My initial thoughts when watching “End of the Line” were the connections I made in my head immediately with “Wake In Fright”. I don’t know why my brain made the associations, perhaps the imagery of the outback, but I found it interesting that when I looked through the treatment later on that there was mention to “Wake in Fright” in the soundtrack choices. I’m not sure if this meant that the creators of the documentary intentionally wanted to evoke similar feelings as the cult film (being part of the thriller genre) because reading through the treatment the only intention seems to be to evoke the landscape through the soundtrack (and probably through the sweeping shots of vast, barren plains). Either way, the comparisons were evident through more than just the choice of soundtrack. The “contemplative tone” that was desired in the treatment was definitely achieved as was the slow pace of the film that allowed for viewer reflection. I’m not sure whether I came to the conclusions they wanted me to though (or contemplated the differences in lifestyle of the subjects) or whether I just lost myself in the images and transporting myself to the environment. I did, however, feel like the documentary evoked a sense of place extraordinarily well through all the components I’ve already made reference to – a combination between the choice of landscape shots, soundtrack and editing (or pace) really captured the environment they set out to portray.

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