constrained task 3

the question was posed to us about editing and speed, specifically do fast cuts mean fast action and slow cuts mean slow (and visa versa). it was interesting to note when I was doing this exercise that the opposite actually occurred – using fast cuts for something fast (ie. the cars on the freeway) made them appear slower than they were due to the jolted nature of where they appear on the screen. this was unexpected for me and the traffic didn’t appear nearly as “fast” as it did using only my eyes. on the other hand, using the same cuts for the washing going slowly around the machine made it almost appear faster… so the principle of fast cutting – fast movement works for slower objects, but not in the case of objects that are already moving fast. generally in films, fast cutting denotes a lot of action, or things moving in a faster pace. I have pointed out with my videos and this task that maybe this is not the case when you are already filming something that is moving fast…

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