k films (class task)


  1. Kitchen Stories (2012)

The work is about the connections between different foods: arranged in either links between their raw ingredients or manner in which they are cooked. The foods are of all different cultures, food groups and levels of preparation (cooked or uncooked) to highlight the point that eating is universal.

The work is visually interesting and I like the way the food is arranged in the frame, often associations are made by the colours or shapes and similar looking foods are arranged similarly. The result is striking and it drew me to the thumbnail of the film immediately.

I don’t like the soundtrack they used or the way the dialogue continues throughout even though the clips are changing. It can be disorienting and confusing. While the film is visually interesting and presents a “theme” or “idea” it doesn’t really bring forward a narrative or a story which means you lose engagement pretty easily.


My impression of K films is that they are highly interactive and the narrative is very user driven (like a ‘choose-your-adventure’ story). each film or selection opens up to a new range of associations or connections and you can digress quite dramatically from the initial film. I can see how K films can be used for both narrative (interactive narrative) and non-narrative formats (database style) and that it has great potential as technology.


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