well in a little over 24 hours,my first year of university is done and dusted. I can’t even begin to describe how relieved I am that as of tomorrow (well not really, got a couple things to hand in, but still, won’t have to actually attend uni) I can come home from work and pass out and not have a nagging guilt that I’m not doing my uni work in preference of drinking on my rooftop or sitting around in bed all day watching sons of anarchy (which, by the way, I am totally going to pick up watching again because now I have the time to lie in bed for days crying in mourning of opie which is going to occur in the next few episodes and which I have been dreading since finding out that he dies). I work better under pressure and I’m much happier when I’m constantly busy and don’t have time to waste so I know the novelty of having all that free time will wear off eventually (sooner, rather than later probably) but it’s nice to know I’ll actually be able to enjoy the glorious weather and leave my work at work for a change. so aside from working a couple days a week (7 am starts, they still kill me but it’s a nice thought that I can now enjoy my afternoons guilt free) and potentially starting a dancing job on the weekends at luwow (audition on tuesday!! fingers crossed) I will be a free woman! I’ll have time to write music, dance, eat, drink and not be a hermit.

I’d like to think I’ll spend all of my free time productively, going to the gym, working and eating well…but lets be honest… sooo, if I can get through to march in a healthy state of mind and not a raging alcoholic/morbidly obese, that is all I’m asking. enjoy your holidays everyone!

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