the ten dreams of technology – I’ve paraphrased a couple in a very hungover and not very coherent language you may or may not find easier to understand

the dream of symbiosis
computers and our brains working together and learning together, in extreme form it is basically where everyone turns into freaking cyboids and have brains for computers and google is in your brain – could you imagine not having to google something because you instantly had ALL THE KNOWLEDGE? the concept of googling something and finding out the answer instantly is now something that we can’t live without, but before google was invented, people didn’t have access to such information so easily…so one day something better than google will have to come around, and maybe that’s having google in your brain constantly so all of the people know all of the things all of the time… hey brain, I feel a little sick right now, these are my symptoms, what’s up? and your brain would be ‘bro you got this thing’ in response (well at least I’d like to think my brain would call me bro, cause we’re mates). that’d be kinda neat. but also kind of a scary thought, because natural intelligence wouldn’t be such a big deal anymore.

the dream of world peace
that someday technology will be created that rescues all the starving children and the crying polar bears and that makes baby jesus happy. it’s messed up when you think about how much pointless technology has been created, how much harmful technology has been created, how 80% of technology has been created for selfish or greedy reasons. surely with all the computer geniuses and mad scientists in the world there’s got to be some way they can put their heads together and cause world peace? maybe if they created a pill that made people not be assholes? that would be nice.




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