Рcreating good content gets you noticed  (example of the chick who coded that site with all of the facebook profiles), if there is a demand for something and you create it the market comes to you

– despite the larger hubs, newer networks can still flourish > hubs can deteriorate and newer nodes can become hubs (example of search engines > yahoo to google > why was there a transition between the two?)

– kevin bacon is a hub? three degrees of separation between kevin bacon and any other actor > hollywood is a small world network

– freeways used as an example (designers prejudice was brought to life through his layout, buses could not fit through)

– writing allows you to document knowledge and store it for later reference > you cannot have any technology without this basis

– iPod as an example of something that redefined marketplace and technology

– technological determinism (example of films always being rectangular rather than circle shaped, you can’t film in the dark) – you have to fit the “rules” of a technology, digital technology is not as free as you think

– technologies have a certain agency which can restrain and enable

– ¬†music > the moment when the instrument “pushes back”, the music writes itself/takes on its own life > material technologically determining something

– technique is required when you have technologies > technologies develop techniques


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