more of what have been called “dump notes” from the unlecture today:

can videogames be considered hypertext narratives?
– hypertext provides different links than video games do (linking out to different content vs. linking into content within a ‘world’)
– a game is a game because it’s not a “story” ie. Tetris, hypertext is about narrative, therefore a game is not hypertextual because it doesn’t have a “story”.. you can’t “win” a story
– game worlds in reality television < gaming meets television, gameplay logic

how can you actually write a hypertext narrative?
– nodes make sense on their own, they stand alone, therefore linear writing styles are disregarded (think of our blogs and how each post stands alone)
– relational media, relationship between the parts
– relationships are multiple, nodes can link to each other
– there is no ‘structure’ that is ideal > you can’t claim an origin/source/beginning

the long tail seems to advocate a free-market model for the entertainment industry…
– not a new problem > how do taste cultures form > ¬†we can redefine who we are by what we consume > i’ve already written a blog post about this !
– always ways to get around recommendation hierarchy’s
– specificity matters
– page rank (google) > largely defined by how many links come into the content
– the long tail is defined by links

do networks have a centre?
– scale free networks do not have a centre

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