overextended & underpaid

following up from the previous post about the readings and not doing the greatest write up on the readings (also having not written another blog post about whatever else)… this week has legitimately been hell. I wrote something in my lecture-related post about the fact that doing uni full time, working and keeping up hobbies leaves no time for anything else (therefore has me constantly wondering why I’m doing any of this)… I’m literally not exaggerating. to give you a little idea of a typical day in my life I will give you the example of yesterday – wake up at 5.30, work until 3.30.. uni, dance class, home at 9, dinner, workout, bed and still not getting enough sleep before waking up… I don’t get “time off” until saturday at 10pm, at which point my only desire will want to be writing myself off and having fun like a normal 20 year old living out of home (a desire which I will have to suppress because on sunday I have to get up, go to work and catch up on all of the uni work I’ve been lagging behind with). I’m not complaining. it would be worse if I had a kid, or six, for that matter. and there’s people all over the world who do this every day.. the fact still stands that I enjoy this lifestyle much more than the end of last year which comprised of going to work for 4 hours in the evening, drinking a bottle of wine to myself upon my return home and then sleeping until 2pm the next day… not really a productive lifestyle…keeping myself busy gives me a distraction from focusing too much on my mindset, and stops me thinking about how I’m feeling.

the real point of this entire blog post was to share this picture I snapped while enjoying a cigarette and the very rare 5 minutes I have to myself every day just before going into dance class – an hour intensive on glove peeling –

…and to give some advice for anyone who wants to listen. never compromise taking time to do the things that make you happy, because in the end, those are the things that count…


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