how would/is/can double loop learning be factored in your own practice?

this is the question we were given to write about from our workshop. from what I gathered in the reading, double-loop learning is a much more progressive mode. if double-loop learning is about ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’, about leaving things undefined and not letting yourself be limited by labels, about looking forward rather than being focused on the present…then it would seem constant self-reflection and evaluation would be an excellent way of implementing this mode. if – before making decisions – you check yourself (before you wreck yourself…yeah I know, that was lame) and consider all of the potential options and outcomes, you have far less of a need to correct errors. as a freelancer or working media professional, there is much need to be able to scrutinise and evaluate your own work professionally, as often there is not somebody else (such as a teacher or boss) to do this for you. if you are constantly thinking ‘forward’ and considering what outcomes your choices might have, you will be far less likely to fail. you need to be able to think about the future, not just the present. rather than considering what your work currently ‘is’, it is better to consider what your work ‘can be’. this extends to not limiting the span (and volume) of your creations – if you constantly try to think outside the box and as expansive as possible, you will have a bigger reach. aim for the moon and if you miss you’ll still be amongst the stars…

(…or you’ll be this guy)

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