Sifting through the work’s of my classmates

Drifting through the blogs of the other students within Network Media, I realise not only how creative and diverse how cohort really is, but also just how much talented competition I’m going to be up against in the very near future when it becomes time to leave the safety net of RMIT and spread my gadget infused, technologically enhanced wings into the big bad world.

Starting off I would like to comment on the work of Avril Wood, who so kindly checked over my web pages for the HTML exam. Clicking onto her link from the network media page, I was lead to a home page of circular images of which Avril has used as links to her posts. Being a visual person, I was instantly intrigued by what kind of ideas and information each of these images would bring. All the images are very different from another which also adds a very colourful and generally visually pleasing presentation to her blog. This made me realise, that blogs are just books as despite the old saying, people will almost always judge a book by it’s cover. Throughout her posts, my favourite was the one titled Lecture #2. This post was simple yet what I really liked was that Avril had pulled out a concept from the lecture that Adrian had mentioned at the very start that most students, included myself hadn’t taken any notice of. Avril refers to the rhyme Adrian recited and has shown that she had thought about it for being not just a rhyme, but a representation of how automatically we oblige to literacy rules.

Moving on to check out Rebecca Bozin’s blog, I found coincidentally enough that her and Avril’s blogs had the same theme but through the manipulation of colour and imagery, they both look very different. This is one thing I love about blogs. Even if you have a base similarity with another blog, such as the theme, there is so much you can do to make it unique and make it your own. Rebecca’s phone post was my favourite as she took something seemingly mundane and gave it a humorous twist by commenting on the little things about phones that drive us crazy. In this post, I also really loved how Rebecca developed a strong ‘identity’ style and voice in no more than a 100 words, through simple comments such as ‘‘i’m not going to care about basic grammar rules’ identity to maintain here’.

Lastly I had a look at Georgia’s Blog which was engaging, easy to read and diverse in ideas, types of posts and type of language used. I really liked how Georgia keeps her posts short yet accurate and includes lots of links for further reading and development of her base ideas. My favourite post was Georgia’s review on the film ‘Her’ as not only did she include her personal view on the film but also an objective view on the themes it presented and the way in which cinematography was used to encapsulate the viewer.  This posts was also a nice break from the usual posts on classes and lectures but was nicely relevant and relatable.

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