Nearing The End


Plan and draw up all the different objects & themes that I wish to convey in the final projects 3 videos (have at least 5 ideas per video)

Reduce the ideas down to 2 key concepts per video & begin research into each concept.

Gather information from the relevant class readings that will help me to better understand and distinguish the concepts that I have chosen to focus the artefacts around.

Use the readings and class discussion notes from the semester to attain a set of guidelines and criteria that each video will use as the parameters. This set of criteria will be the crux of the videos and provide a reference point in which to refer all retrial back to / from.

Once I have compiled all the footage required and the corresponding audio, I will have to edit the footage and assemble it in a way that pays homage to the readings and class discussions this semester.



Stories are a human created object. They pass information from one being to another and with this transfer of knowledge, they aim to broaden the perspectives of the respective recipients to attain a greater knowledge of the artefact they describe.


This notion is the problem I face when, in class, we aim to deemphasise the human and talk about agency in and of itself and how objects can have agency. By talking about it, aren’t we just reducing the agency of that object down to a humanised understanding of it & therefore not truely reflecting the object and all its connections in a true sense?


Bogost & my subsequent reading of Ingold are helping me to better understand the ways in which language is used as the medium and doesn’t influence the object itself – however I am still struggling to fully understand their notions & therefore fully grasping the subject.


I feel that by noticing the relationally of all things and combining these noticings with an Ingoldian/Bogostian understanding, I am slowly coming to understand the subject. slowly. very slowly.

Relationship Goals

In the extend hiatus between classes (having missed the last week due to assignment commitments) I had noted that my mind and relationship to the subject have been rather absent. Occupying the usual ‘free’ space was the stress and intensity of essay writing – 4000 words for 3 different subjects in 1 week is not conducive to an active and exploratory mind. However upon the completion of this (lets call it) week from hell, I began to reflect on the nature of my interactions with the essays and the readings that supported my claims. I had wondered if the academic writing the papers would ever have contemplated the Object Oriented Ontology of the journal they wrote & further, if it would have ever crossed their mind that it would be used by a student in Australia to formulate an argument.


This line of thinking compelled me to revisit the audio we created for Assignment II & the subsequent piece we received back from the German students. This revisitation of the audio inspired me to listen more to the piece, to hear the ontology of the artefacts in them and to imagine a scene in my mind of the relationally of the composers & listeners. This moment of reflection sparked a creative period that comprised of storyboarding the video that would accompany the German audio piece.

we live in a material world



the quality of being composed of matter.
“the exhibition explores the materiality of the body”
This weeks discussions on materiality and the concepts of all relations between humans and objects & objects and other objects being based on materiality has really got me intrigued.

If two forces come into interaction – either physically or otherwise – the resultant energy transfer will materialise and manifest into something other. Placing this way of viewing into the assessments that are being shared between our class and our sister class in offenburg enables a different reading of the process, a different ontology to be formatted. By continuing this process further down the line and noticing the noticings will result in a greater deemphasis on human practice and result in truer pieces in the future.


Delving deeper into the readings from Bogost & exploring the concepts around Object Oriented Ontology (OOO), I feel that I have become simultaneously more informed and less informed at the same time.


Every time I am able to grasp a section of the OOO concept, I am immediately confronted with another idea that I am not so confident on & this feedback loop of uncertainty has got me uncertain about where I am meant to be at in relation to the course.


If I view the course as an object itself, I think my list on it would be quite short and quite long at the same time. It would be short in concepts, but each concept would have a vast supporting list that could explain the knowledge I do have, or rather, think I have.


As we approach the 1/2 way point of the Semester & have our essay due in quite soon, I feel that I am starting to loose grip on the concepts of the class – however this is both inspiring and daunting, as it compels me to engage more & attempt to notice everything that Adrien is guiding us with. Perhaps that is the point of it all, to be thrown into the unfamiliar and notice everything in an attempt to get a more detailed and expansive view of the concept (object)?