Project Defining – Fine Dining

Watching the first episode of season 2 of Chef’s Table (a MUST watch) I realised something – Making video profiles on individuals is not only about nailing the technical aspects of film but equally if not more importantly about nailing the story.

The story of ‘what led Grant Achatz to be the chef he is today’

In this first episode I was captured by the eye opening images – the landscapes on and off the plate. The music that accompanied these images that kept pace with the feeling that these visuals were evoking.

Along with the perfect curation of visuals came a perfectly curated story. A story that kept you deeply immersed in the film from beginning to end.

The episode begun with establishing who Grant Achatz is, then went on to explaining the series of events that led to who he has become.

Through viewing various interviews with Grant himself and his close colleagues the viewer is able to experience the highs and lows of his career.

Chef’s Table edits the film in a way that keeps you guessing and edging to hear more.

While creating my profiles I realise now that I need to extensively research my subjects before hand. I must make sure I’m familiar with the way they live and pay particular focus to how they got to this point in their life – but also prepare for the unexpected.

What kept me really involved while watching chefs table was the variety in location. What I have been lacking in my practice shoots is variety in location.

Once I film my initial interview I need to attain the appropriate visuals to assist.

Due to the lack of time I have at the moment I don’t see it being possible to achieve this by next week – but my project doesn’t end with the submission deadline.

I am going to continue perfecting these skills alongside Bliss and make sure that we nail every aspect of this initial video profile.

I’m not going to settle for average, as this project has gone beyond a grade now and is more about developing my skills as a filmmaker.

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