Symposium 6

The questions posed in Symposium 6 were:


  • Can technology progress independently of art and culture?
  • What is the untapped potential of hypertext?  Will we ever be satisfied with it?
  • Have internet users lost a sense of privacy?  Is blogging a form of narcissism?


I want to focus on the last dot point. In particularly on the question Is blogging a form of narcissism? My instant response is YES. Of course it is, no offense to any regular blog contributors (I think blogging is a positive thing to do) but the majority of posts have so much worthless nonsense that is only said or shown by bloggers to feed their egos! A lot of blog posts are just about as academic as bloody Facebook posts. I’m all for blogging about ideas and thoughts that readers can think deeply about, but please, no frills.


In one of my other subjects “Journalism Ethics and Regulations,’ the issue of copyrighting and defamation have come up regularly. It takes me back to week 3 of this semester where we read about and discussed all of the different ethical and legal components of copyrighting from a range of angles. And thinking about it now, after discussing it deeply for the past couple of months, my general consensus on copyrighting is… the whole notion of what’s right and what’s wrong etc. in relation to copyrighting all depends on the individual scenario. That’s the best I’ve got… how frustrating.


In week 5 of this semester, we were tested on our ability to HTML coding. It was handy to learn basic HTML knowledge although I’m not overly enthusiastic about using it in the future. It is quite strenuous to use, everything needs to be exactly right for the finished product to be successful. HTML will only become more and more significant for the average person as time goes on, but hopefully it’ll become easier and easier to understand and use! I wouldn’t say I aced the exam, it took me a little longer than everyone else, the problem in the end was small, but it took a long time to find!

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