Unsymposium 0.8

Carry over questions:

  • (from a couple of weeks ago): Why didn’t Tim Berners-Lee patent the web?
  • We’re used to the idea of the internet being characterised as a democratic, open, non-hierarchical technology and space: is Galloway arguing something that fundamentally challenges this?
  • Galloway notes that the future is already here but not uniformly distributed (paraphrasing William Gibson). How does this apply to a network like the internet?

This week’s new questions:

  • Do the algorithms of a database change the nature of what is defined as narrative?
  • How are databases changing notions ‘traditional’ narrative?
  • How can narratives emerge from databases?
  • Why do some media objects explicitly follow database logic while others do not?
  • Can the paradigm and the syntagm be more the same than opposites in new media?