Beta Unsymposium 0.3

Back on, Tuesday, 12.5.2. Hopefully full complement. We have carry over questions due to the industrial action of last Tuesday:

In other news, in other labs this week work to date in niki will be critiqued, and then further developed (next week the next lot of topics will be distributed). Readings have been updated, Adrian saw a platypus (alive) in the Yarra at Templestowe, and these are the very good questions from Friday’s class for the symposium:

  • how does hypertext relate to storytelling in different media formats?
  • is the work we publish online only validated once it is viewed/consumed by others?
  • do you think the digitalisation of literary texts and the use of the E-reader will eventually replace the physical book completely?

And we have bonus questions from one of the Thursday classes:

  • Does the traditional essay no longer hold value in eduction?
  • What method of essay writing should be taught in schools? Is creativity the priority?
  • Could hypertext be a substitute for referencing?
  • Has writing improved or worsened with technology?
  • What do you think will be the consequences of electronic writing?