Georgina has things worth reading on double looped learning. Kimberly notes that model II involves innovation, model I doesn’t (correct). Anna sees that the idea of double loop learning might help her to notice and then wonder about her own assumptions. Kate applies single and double loop to the Zombie apocalypse (I suppose someone had to), the double loop would not only be how you’d really react, it would be to rethink the original assumptions, which is sort of what lots of films in this genre do when the nerdy person speculates out loud “I wonder if” and comes up with a out of left field way to solve the impending disaster – by questioning and reframing the guiding assumptions. Tony writes about governing variables, the thing here is that they are governing, and so what needs to be noticed is that because they govern they decide everything else. And because they govern, we accept their governance, Argyris is asking, why?