My name is Nethaniel Rochester, I am 19 years old and study the Bachelor of Communications (Media) at RMIT in Melbourne city.

I am originally from Canberra and moved to Melbourne for university. I found I did very well at maths and science in high school, however an elective in Media sparked my interest in film making. Here I find myself part way through my media degree at RMIT, enjoying the content, however the type of work is very different to my comfort zone. This results in tossing up other career or study options for a later date and I think if RMIT can enable me to have these thoughts, it is a good thing. Maybe this blog will help me find out ‘about’ myself? (pun intended)

Aside from that, I ride BMX bikes, do sports and landscape photography and make short films as a hobby. I’m working full time along with studying full time and life is busier than ever but it’s important to keep busy in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy my blog.

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