Lecture 4: Con Moraitis – Building Your CV

This week’s guest lecture was conducted by Con Moraitis, the Senior Coordinator at RMIT Careers. Given this subject functions as a transition between university and the workplace, Moraitis’ lecture provided extensive detail on how to write a CV. Since I have been working in the same organisation for the past two and half years, my CV is quite outdated and even my original writing strategy was probably not very effective and so I learnt lots from this lecture in relation to the specific things to include and not to include is a resume/CV, that I will able to implement upon updating my CV.

The key dot points I took from this lecture were:

  • 2 – 3 pages max
  • 2 pages is great (the shorter the better)
  • Always tailored – FUNDAMENTAL (3 out of 5 don’t usually do this)
  • It’s like a pitch, you have to know your audience (an advertisement)
  • Clear headings
  • Easy to read and easy to follow
  • Use bullet points
  • Don’t use graphics
  • Mix of tasks and accomplishments – emphasis on accomplishments
  • Your job experience isn’t necessarily too important, as long as you refer to the accomplishments in that job (not flipped burgers at Maccas but worked in a busy environment)
  • Use industry keywords – mirror terminology from the job posting (look up key buzz words from other similar job ads)
  • Yes, put links in
  • If you don’t have much experience – put a title in called ‘key course projects’ (after relevant experience) – Interesting title, with brief description, key role requirements, mark (that’s there to fill a gap)
  • Think about the locality – what are the local requirements for resumes in the area you are applying for jobs, different cultures are expected to provide different levels of detail
  • DON’T PUT TITLE – RESUME (it’s obviously a resume)
  • Sometimes you might think – being a member of this makes me sound better – “it’ll look impressive” – IT’S NOT – MAKE IT SHORT
  • STUDENTS UNDERESTIMATE SOFT SKILLS – You can draw something out of almost any experience – as long as you make it relevant -e.g. a Good Listener
  • Never say that you are looking to work for yourself later


  • Contact details
  • Professional profile or career overview
  • Education, qualifications, other training
  • Competency statements/skills summaries
  • -Design skills / technical skills
  • -Work management skills
  • Relevant Experience -Paid/unpaid roles -Placements/internships -Published work
  • General employment -Part time / casual, non-related
  • Other activities / interests
  • Referees

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