Did someone say jump ship?

I have a confession to make… I am not a true humanities student at heart. Admittedly I come from a background comprised of maths and science, at least in high school I actually found high level maths and science enjoyable. In efforts to transition my career path toward film making I find myself at RMIT, studying a bachelor of communication. I really enjoy this course and the content is definitely interesting, however I can’t help but be intrigued by the recent introduction into html coding. During last week’s symposium Adrian delved further into html coding and network programming. He rambled off a list of Boolean logic which I believe overwhelmed the audience of media and journalism students. He followed with “don’t worry if none of that made any sense, us humanities people aren’t expected to understand”. On the contrary, I understood a good majority of the terms he mentioned and I was excited by the thought of mathematical formula behind network literacy. I couldn’t help but think, possibly I am not a humanities person and I may belong in the computer science side of things. My decision is pending more research and thought. None the less, a very though provoking symposium for me.

One thought on “Did someone say jump ship?

  1. or become a programming humanities person. Much rarer, much more valuable position to be in.

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