So believe it or not, I really enjoyed learning about html coding in the tute this week. I returned home, eager to continue experimentation with coding and practice the new skills I had learnt from my home computer. So it only required 2 programs right? Yeah just Fetch and Text Wrangler and you’re good to go. Sweet! So let’s go download Fetch. I download the installer and apply for an educational licence and all that and attempt to open the installer, which was a .dmg file… :/  *face palm* – Fetch is Mac only.

Great, well not having a Mac this is a little bit of a problem. No worries let’s just try and find an alternative… Little did I know this would be a process and a half to find a decent Windows FTP client that had a full use educational licence for free and after using a couple, the functions were entirely different which made me think… does this mean that I can’t access the 2014.themediastudents server? Is that Fetch only? And to be honest I just rage quit my attempts at getting an FTP client for windows (feel free to lend a hand if you know the answers). That’s alright I’ll just get Text Wrangler and practice coding offline, cool! Okay let’s go download Text Wrangler… wait… Mac only! Great. This homework session ends here…

Over and out.

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