Participation Week 12

Final Submission

What did you  do well?

I felt that my key strength throughout this participation diary has been my ability of analysis in understanding, identifying and evaluating key ideas and concepts postulated by my guiding material (Weekly Reading, Linked article/academic writing).  My ability to critical evaluate ideas and arguments had shown demonstrably through my writing and was further improved as a result of my participation diaries. Additionally I felt that I did well in handling the Korsakow program and its features which was strongly abetted by my understanding of the concepts presented in the class and my readings.

What have I learnt to do better?

Through this assessment I have improved in my ability to moderate and continually contribute to an ongoing sphere of publication. As such the diaries have helped me in forming a consistency with my written publication, the development of a unique style of writing and a better understanding overall, of how to express myself effectively consistently and coherently.

What could you have learnt to do better?

I felt that my biggest weakness throughout this contract was in developing an adequate practice of reflective learning. As such, I did not have an established means in which to gauge my weaknesses and strengths as I went through the weeks of participation and the process of my K-Film production.  Additionally I felt that I could have contributed more to my time in my tutorials and lectures.

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