Participation Week 10

Progress report on ongoing coursework

Having been placed in groups with Brenton and Amanda, we have collectively come to plan together the initial semblances of our K Film. Originally mind mapping our themes on paper, we had all collectively come together in utilizing the theme of spaces for our K-Film.


Functioning as the key premise for our filming, Spaces and locations related to everyday life will be utilized as our unifying theme. As such we have subdivided our filming into 3 sets of 20 clips. With each of us handling a type or category of location settings, we each will be required to film 20 clips of different locations related to that category. However, we are still in discussion of the specificities of our category and as such may have our filming procedure subject to change.

Subjective and Objective

Operating as a subtheme, or seccondary intention with  the composition and design of our Korsakow clips is to lace the theme of Subjectivity and Objectivity into our work. While maintaining a level of abstraction in terms of the literal requirements of implementing the sub theme, we have decided on a key rubric, which is the perspective of filming which dictates polarization of a clip between the sub-categories of Subjectivity and Objectivity.

As of now, we are still in the midst of planning our production and design of our Korsakow Film and interface and as such is still subject to change.

Personal Assessment Matrix

WEEK Analysis Execution Reflection Learning Total
10 4 4 3 4 15

Provide a link to a form of Multimedia

Given this week’s focus on our Korsakow project, I was much inspired to include a link to the Korsakow webpage that is currently featuring 27 New Korsakow Productions. It amazes me as these continued contributions to this unique sphere of this production technique is indicative of the increasing number of people approaching this medium with a serious and actualized artistic intent. The detail of the interface designs and plotting structures of some of these films are fascinating to say the least and definitely work as inspirations for the upcoming Korsakow Submissions. All the best.

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