Participation Week 5

Reflect on reading for the week and pose thoughts on Symposium question

In view of building a more expansive perceptual arsenal in understanding film framework, I have chosen an article that attempts to dissolve the ambiguity proposed by film essay theorists  (such as Rascaroli’s reading excerpt) by proposing a form of definition that is grounded by the fact of its functionality. The article is ‘Video essay: The essay film’ and is written by Kevin. B Lee.

Lee attempts to clarify the very definition of the film essay supported by the week’s reading through the words of Hans Richter. What Lee claims confounds the clearness of the definition is the ambiguity of Hans’ description of the film essay as anything that ‘transgresses the parameters of traditional documentary, granting imagination free reign’. To Lee, this covers anything that differs from normalized cinema in any context hence providing a very ambiguous definition to the term.

As such, Lee works to conclude that a Film essay can be defined based on the characteristic that the work facilitates the process of thinking by explicitly reflecting on the material it represents. By breaking down the identification and misallocation of various different film essays and identifying particular polemical issues with original discourses on the matter (such as Rascaroli’s excerpt), Lee comes to a functional conclusion of the film essay holding the pragmatic end of its purpose as a means of investigation and knowledge into the various different spheres of our existence; A function that determines its nature as a Film Essay whilst also standing as the motivation that drives it inherently.

Provide progress report on ongoing Konstraint work an Filming

With the coming weeks towards submission, I have begun forming the concept of thematic connection for my Korsakow Film. Having completed the Konstraint tasks, their thematic and technical limitations have allowed me to find synonymous patterns within the work that allow their grouping and linking.

As such, based on the thematic limitations of the Konstraint tasks, I have decided to structure my Korsakow film around these key three themes:

-Light and Shadow

-Squares and Circles

-Perspective and Objective

Utilizing each one as a key theme, I plan to break down each theme into two keywords. As such, my filming has allowed for equal proportionality of all 6 subdivisions hence allowing for a neutral keyword network. I personally feel this works great with the overall intention as it has allowed me to equally subdivide clips for each section, hence ensuring a equalized exposure to these themes to an audience.

Personal Assessment Matrix

Personal Assesment Matrix (Total Grade for Matrix is Sum of points= Total % weightage)
WEEK Analysis Execution Reflection Learning Total
5 5 4 4 3 16


Providing Multimedia Link

Having had practice with the interface this week, I have decided to include a link to a video that explains the essential functions and design of the Korsakow program. Understanding that it can generally be a confusing program to use, I realized after watching this video that providing a visual aid showing the process of development helps register better as it proves more engaging. Much like the film essay, the engagement of the author to facilitate the thinking process can prove as a tool for learning.

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