Participation Week 3

Publish a review of a link to an article or academic work related to this week’s reading topic

Following the vein of this week’s reading regarding Bordwell and Thompson’s analysis of the film industry and its developments, this week’s article by Dr. J Williete outlines the definition of Avant-Garde through the lens of its precursors of societal and historical context. While not necessarily proposing any particular diversity in academic opinions, the article focuses on the author’s perspective toward’s the genre’s definition based on Peter Burger’s postulations of Avant-Garde as a systemic approach to art due to the rise of the middle class.

Dr Williete details how following the romantic era, the identification by artists of a lack of genre that disregarded freedom of aesthetically expression was lacking in society due to the domination of bourgeois values and the disinterest of the remaining middle class. As such, Williete explains how historically the association of this experimental genre is linked to the individuals that saw such a divide which called them to action in prompting the genre. From there on Williete goes further to detail how this evolved to an inform development and its own subdivisions as future proponents saw deeper criticisms with the system of Avant-garde art.

Ultimately, Williete attempts to assert most importantly the observation of how this genre and form of art had come to rise from the romantic period and how much it positioned itself as a challenge to mainstreamed norms of art and appreciative culture. From what Williete is suggesting, the key premise fueling Avant-Garde art is the concept of restructuring normalized Values.

Provide Progress report on Ongoing work

With Week 3 underway, I have begun the production of my third Konstraint. After familiarizing with the Korsakow interface, I have become more acquainted with the software and its potentialities.

The process of producing short ‘vine-like’ videos has proven to be an unordothadox approach to film production that has required me to consider a different set of aesthetics than what would be expected of a traditional film production model.

Questions such as : How may I best use the format, How do i create a powerful piece given time constraint, How can I approach given Konstraint limitations both thematically and technically

My new approach to this frontier has nonetheless been an interesting journey and I feel the biggest lesson has been learning the implications of using such a new means of production. As presented by the questions, these type of notions have come to arise due to the fundamentally simplified nature of this new form of documentary making given our weekly ‘Konstraint’ Limitations, I look forward to the remaining weeks of producing my Korsakow Film.

Personal Assessment Matrix

Personal Assesment Matrix (Total Grade for Matrix is Sum of points= Total % weightage)
WEEK Analysis Execution Reflection Learning Total


3 3 5 4 4 16

Provide link to Multimedia

For this week’s media link, I am going to be linking a Vine Video of a popular internet identity KingBach. His claim to web stardom had begun with the introduction of his Vine videos. Catching popularity for its comedic value, his continual contribution to the sphere of Vine videos has abetted to his rising popularity.

Personally I had chosen this individual as I felt he best exemplified the integration of time constraint into the production of video. The notion of how he uses the 6 second time constraint of a Vine video to Jam pack a package of comedic content much inspires my quest to understand how well limited mediums can be used. Without further ado, I present you KingBach.


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