Key Learnings and Thoughts from Week 2.1 Workshop

With the recent symposium, we had discussed the concept of Designed Fiction and its sphere of involvement. Throughout the discussion, my fellow classmates on the panel shared ideas about how Design Fiction can be used and how in certain uses, its delving design can even almost foretell a potential reality that we may see ourselves.  A great example brought about by one of class panelists was how the film A Space Oddessy by Stanley Kubrick had the use of an Ipad like device with similar touch screen and processing capabilities.  With that it shows how at moments how Designed Fiction can almost interchange our suspension of disbelief rather with a rationalized acceptance based on the potentiality of what’s presented. Conclusively, the panelists brought great insights and arguements into the ideas and concepts surrounding Designed fiction and its potential spheres of influence.

Additionaly, I’ve provided a link to one of the panelists herself, Esther, who has made a great read regarding Designed Fiction and its fundemental Nature. Please do check it out.

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