A new innovation to how we see phones

As many you might have seen the latest video regarding an innovative new phone that uses the concept of blocks, you would have understood the ramifications the supposed technology may make to our lives and the way we see the use of phones.

Phoneblocs is the name, and customization is the game.

The concept of the phone is simple:

  • You have a touch screen phone with removable components at the back
  • These components are connected via a universal circuit board allowing you to connect whatever you want
  • As such these components range from battery packs, to processors, cameras, and other intricate hardware details such as RAM and Memory
  • How this is all special: You basically make your own phone

As illustrated by the phones initial advertisement, the phone simply works by you being able to customize what you want on your phone.

Want more battery life, Place a big ole’ battery pack on the back of you phone and do with some smaller issues like memory

-Like to take photos, Replace your camera unit with a higher quality camera and put more memory for photo storage and taking

– Want a phone which wan work fast, put the fastest processor on it and make it a supercomputer for your documents work and file storage

It goes without saying the implications of such a phone are magnamonious both socially, culturally and personally for each one Of us. A big motivation for the creators in making this phone was the economic and enviromental benefits it holds. With the digital age moving forward with greater innovations and ideas, there is large part of redundancies for all the phones computers and electronics which increases as we move onto bigger and better tecnology.

As such, this phone proves a solution, Wherein the adapating and improving nature of our technology is accounted for. With a phone that serves as a base, the components can always be changed and improved as they get better and better hence alleviating the need for mass disposal of phones with the simple action of removing and placing blocs.

Furtheremore, the components of the blocs that have been used can always be reissued and resold and cheaper prices or given to even perhaps communities and societies in need of essential communication technology.

A beautiful ideal and vision from the team at phoneblocs. Till today they are attempting to find sponsors and bring this crowdfunded campaign to life. With Motorola keenly interested, the team are looking at securing their sponsorship so that the phone may begin production. More to read at : http://www.cnet.com.au/google-motorola-teams-up-with-phonebloks-for-modular-phone-339345824.htm


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