Rolling on over to the corner of the room, we started our studio in an obscure little circle. With Adrian situated in the middle we chatted about our week, talking about casual work, contemplating and juggling weekly tasks. Planning through the next couple of weeks┬áit was my task to be the first Reflector, which in my mind kinda made me that stiff glass man from Arcade Fire’s video ‘Reflektor‘, but of course, without that David Bowie cameo that saves the entire album. Did I just write that? Give me The Suburbs to soften my heart, please.

Making stuff was the main focus of our week. Tacit knowledge, like Adrian has urged many a times, seems to be the only way to test our ontographs and the way in which they communicate with both audience, itself and the environment it perceives. Most importantly, with the feedback we received during the week from each other was something that was omniscient in our studio performance and making – was our ontograph unclear? Did it become a mindmap? Was it projecting our views or was it projecting it’s own? How does this medium suit my artifact? These are the questions and thoughts that matter for reflection.


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