The final symposium for Networked Media focused on protocol and the issues of technology and social etiquette. The conversation itself was pulled between theory based learning and application, making points on such references like TAFE, workplace exchanges and IP addresses.

While Adrian discussed the readings and the connections he drew, there was a distinct shift when applying theories to real application. By referring to educational institutes and networks, protocol becomes a framework inevitable when using certain systems.

Claudia also touched upon the theories of protocols and the World Wide Web in her reflection, mentioning the outline of how it is represented.

Evelyn, on the other hand, looks at control behaviour and the consequences of breaking protocol. What does it mean to break or change protocol?

Sarah delivers a neat list of keywords surrounding all these concepts, connecting each point of discussion with a few brief and easily understood phrases.

What did I think of the symposium? Well, it’s just protocol.

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