During this week’s symposium, there was an underlining concept to destroy the physical and reproduce meaning as meaning. With technology changing beneath our fingertips, the question lies between media and how we control, curate, produce and connect to it. While the focus in the conversation was fixed on databases and the aesthetics surrounding the stream, it was in the collection of information and the relationship that occurs in which the difficulty lies.

Mathematical and rhythmic, our relationships with structure and causation creates a kind of alternative and unfixed narration that is constantly reinventing itself. This pull between colonisation of thoughts and the development of information reminded me of an anime series I watched a while ago called Neon Genesis Evangelion. If technology is reactive like the biological cyborg makeup of Eva units, then we are all screaming Shinji Ikari’s trying to understand our relationship and self inside of it.

Taking the power in our hands in a technology we may not fully comprehend, this is what it means to be a media student or a person in the technological age. Adrian talked about the difficulties of Graphic Design as courses have reinvented themselves due to individuals becoming curators with the accessibility to create without seeking professional help for small tasks. Claudia touched on this principle, encouraging ourselves to realise we are designers. Moreover, Michaela likened the difference between databases and narratives to a book, looking at the collection of notes as links and as a source of information flow. Stephanie, on the other hand, looked deeply into the cultivation and interaction of ‘what if?’ Understanding technical skills and practicalities allows us to breakdown databases and the emphasis on information they can bring.


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