Investing time into what you create is nothing unless you receive feedback or review. Work in progress is a behaviour and unmistaken sign of growth, I mean, even The World Wide Web was once a WIP by a computer jock. Presently, the symposium seemed to scatter across these ideas in planning our future assignment and the power laws to which pull naturally together to create organisation and domination.

Bonnie talks economics and her frustration in popular films. While quality over quantity troubles her, the discussion of Anderson and his relativity to popular culture stirs deeply in the thoughts. Although films are released with anticipation of what will sell or mark themselves as a ‘summer blockbusters’ (look at Jaws, for example), the longtime effort that goes into films seems to be wasted on B-grade value plots. If popular films do follow Anderson’s ideas, what happens when the market takes a dramatic shift? (The death of the studio system during classical Hollywood, anyone?)

Sam talks about gatekeeping and uses Thom Yorke’s second solo album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes as a recent example. ‘Bypassing the self elected gate-keepers‘ discussed Yorke in an official press release, ‘[by giving] control of internet commerce back to the people who are creating the work.‘ While smaller or independent artist rights seem to be lost in the longtail, the matter of giving control back is a concept gaining momentum in the media and publishing world.

Reflecting on the internet and it’s means of storage, Bec gears up for business. Touching briefly on team skills and upcoming assignments, the blog post also reflects the requirements and sacrifices of living online, all the time. As someone who interns for a multimedia publishing company, I can tell you now, drafting and getting feedback is critical in producing work of standard and of interest. Also, in a separate post, Bec also links to Ello and the deconstruction of advertising models to which Adrian briefly touched on.

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