Developments for Week 7’s Presentation

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do multiple ‘developmental’ posts on what I am planning to do after week seven for this course, because I needed to sit down with the group of people I am planning to make a short film with and actually read the script and meet the cast and crew. Thus, up until this week, everything felt very up in the air, as I was not sure exactly how much I was going to be involved with the making of the film, or if it was even something I wanted to be involved with.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with Max (the writer and co-director; a graduated creative writing/script-writing student who finished at RMIT last year who I know through work), Rhys (the other co-director; also an ex-RMIT student and a friend from work), Ruby (one of the production designers; ex screen student at Swinburne) and Phoebe (The First AD and all-round organiser; has studied at Deakin, VCA and in New York). Earlier in the day I had been sent the script for the first time, which I loved, but already knew would need some revising. The meeting was a very collaborative process; even though I was a little apprehensive around people I didn’t know at first, everyone was very welcoming and encouraging of bringing new ideas to the table. We talked about changes to the script, for instance, there was originally a scene that would need to be shot on a tram, which was going to be very difficult. Max has since re-written the sequence to be set on a train platform instead, because all we really needed was a myki machine.

We also discussed the tone and vibe of the film, as well as looking at certain pieces of literature, music, TV programs and films that had influenced Max’s writing of the short. These include shows like Portlandia and Broad City, Wes Anderson films and the film clip for Bjork’s ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’. This was probably the most beneficial part of the meeting for me, because it gave me an idea of the kind of cinematography that would suit the film and some things I could refer to for the ‘feel’/style Max is going for.

In addition, we talked about what each person would be in charge of doing and what dates each of us would be needed on set. I am going to be DoP for the film and possibly assistant editor. I would have really liked to be the main editor for the film as well, however, with what I am planning to do for my investigation for this course I will have heaps of footage that I will be able to edit myself anyway. At least for the moment, my plan is to do ‘test shoots’ for the short film, and my reflection about this process is what I will be assessed on. Each week I will select a different scene to shoot (either inside or outside of class time), storyboard the scene, and then use whoever I can to act in the scene so I can get an idea of the kind of shot construction I might want to create.

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