Investigation Plan

Week 7 (20 – 26 April)

Investigate Nicholas Winding Refn shooting technique

  1.  Shooting chronologically
  2. Using a prose (enabling the actors to improvise their lines
  3. Not using storyboards or pre-planned framing
  4. Using cue cards with drawings of general ideas to give some guide to shoot.

Week 8 (27 April – 3 May)

Investigate Woody Allen shooting technique

  1.  Using a prose (enabling the actors to improvise their lines)
  2. Pre-planning shots on location with camera, rather than using storyboards
  3. Setting up all equipment, camera and character positions before bringing actors onto set
  4. Only doing 2 takes of a shot
  5. Only shooting shots from a single perspective/camera position

Week 9 (4 – 10 May)

Investigate Akira Kurosawa shooting technique

  1. Using a script (no improvisation for actors)
  2. Using storyboards and floor plans
  3. Having multiple cameras recording a shot or scene
  4. Using cameras with long lenses at a distance away from the actors
  5. Deciding the order and length of shots during the editing process

Week 10 (11 – 17 May)

Investigate Alfred Hitchcock shooting technique

  1. Using precise storyboards (which include the type of lighting) that map out the scene shot by shot
  2. Only shooting shots from a single perspective/camera position
  3. Using a script, but letting the actors play the characters as they wish to
  4. Not looking through the viewfinder of the camera (have a DOP in charge of the shot construction while on set)

Monday 11th – Plan shoot (organise script and create storyboard)
Wednesday 13th – Shoot using the Hitchcock method during class time
Thursday 14th – Edit scene
Friday 15th – Write reflection on Hitchcock shooting method

Week 11 (18 – 24 May)
Investigate another shooting method.

Monday 18th – Research shooting method
Tuesday 19th – Complete any pre-production for shoot & cast actors for final shoot
Thursday 21st – Shoot scene using researched method
Friday 22nd – Edit scene

Week 12 (25 – 31 May)

Monday 25th – Write reflection on previous week’s shoot and decide on method that will be used to shoot final scene.
Tuesday 26th – Plan final scene (prepare script and any storyboards/floor plans and book equipment needed for shoot)
Friday 29th – Pickup hired equipment for shoot
Saturday 30th – Shoot final scene with actors casted from Starnow
Sunday 31st – Edit final scene

Week 12 (1 – 5 June)

Monday 1st – Write final reflection/contextualising blog post
Tuesday 2nd – Collate the best parts of shoots into short video
Friday 5th – Post final reflection and video

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