‘Adrian Disagrees’

┬áJane discusses something I have been wanting to post about for a while now – the Wikipedia game. I used to play this in class at high school as well. It highlights the idea of hyperlinking and almost proves that you can get from one ‘place’ on the internet, to anywhere else on the internet – simply through links.

I had to have a bit of a giggle at Kiralee’s running-commentry-like post about this week’s symposium. ‘Adrian disagrees’ (to something Betty has said)… well that doesn’t happen every week does it?

Ellen takes an oath that she’ll start to get her shit together for uni this week. I think I need to make the same one as well. Last week I got through two seasons of Modern Family and even now I’m writing this while watching Harry Potter with my housemates. Anyway, it’s getting to the business end of the year so I suppose I better knuckle down, just for a couple of weeks and try to make the most of my time. Here’s to hoping I actually do it.

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