Peerin’ at my peers

So for a way better explanation of the 80/20 rule than my pissy description in my post ‘The Death of ‘Traditional Media”, head to Nethaniel’s blog.

On a different note, Evan brought up some interesting points about Facebook friends in his blog post ‘Remove Your Friends and Hide Your True Self’. It made me think a lot about the 1000+ friends most of us now have on ‘fb’. I mean, come on! As if any of us actually have 1000+ people we could safely call friends.

But then I realised that the term ‘Facebook Friend’ is exactly that, it’s not an actual friend, it’s a person we have connected with online, no matter how fleeting the connection is or might have been. OK so maybe ‘friend’ isn’t quite the correct term either – but I think it’s another one of those cases where technology is developing at a faster rate than language itself. Thus, there is simply no appropriate word to truly explain what a ‘Facebook Friend’ actually is.

Evan asks himself: ‘is it time to rekindle old friendships? Or is it time to dump the unnecessary weight and delete the people I’m no longer associated with?’ Maybe. But, I don’t necessarily think we all need to go around deleting everyone off Facebook just because we aren’t associated with them in the physical world any more. This is really the beauty of the social networking site. It keeps the possibility for you to reconnect with people if need be. For instance, a lot of people I have met travelling I would rarely speak to (in fact Facebook messaging would be the only way I would probably come into contact with them at all). However, in the future, just say I find myself in Berlin, I’ll remember that I met that German girl in that club in that town in Croatia and realise that she lives in Berlin and, next thing you know I’ve got myself some free accommodation! All because of Facebook. Not only that, I actually like having a few random Italians come up in my newsfeed – these are some of the only glimpses that I get of the language I learnt throughout school in my day-to-day life.

Anyway pretty much what I’m trying to question is the notion of treating Facebook like real life, when it is not.

Also I agree with Ellen in many respects about the whole ‘handing in a draft’ aspect of the upcoming essay for the course. I didn’t come to university to be treated like a high school student either.

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