The Bachelor

I never thought I would sink so low…But damn Bachie you got me good.

I was away last year when the Australian Bachelor was on and I’ve never had Foxtel so I’ve not had the benefit of watching the American version of the series. But this year it has become my guilty pleasure. This is definitely not due to the fact that I think any of it is socially correct…actually it is quite the opposite (its what makes it so funny). 30 women dating the one guy? And, come on, yes these women might be pretty desperate, but they’re not just on the show ‘to find love’. I’m fairly sure they wouldn’t be on the show at all if it wasn’t broadcast around Australia or if the producers casted an average looking, flawed but outspoken Bachelor.

Anyway, if you’re interested, check out this blog by Rosie Waterland which gives you a detailed scene by scene analysis of what The Bachelor really boils down to once you strip back the decent production values and vague interviews on screen.

Enjoy the finale next week guys *tear*, go Lisa!


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